Lo'Gosh | Modeling

Hey, everyone! I can finally share with you my latest collab project, Lo'Gosh, that I worked on with my best and beast friends!!

"Lo'Gosh" fanart is a cinematic asset, inspired by the World of Warcraft Lo'Gosh(Varian Wrynn) character. I did the modeling part and my brother Paul Paulino https://www.artstation.com/paulhpaulino worked on UV's, textures and lookdev. The groom was done by our freaking awesome friend, Thales Simonato https://www.artstation.com/thalessimonato

I really hope this is the first of many projects that we are going to make together!

My part of Lo'Gosh's process was done using ZBrush and 3DS Max.

September 3, 2019